Cheltenham Detached Youth Work - your feedback

Closed 28 Sep 2022

Opened 5 Sep 2022


The Cheltenham Detached Youth Work programme started in July 2021, delivered by Inspire to Aspire CIC, who are recognisable in yellow hoodies.  The team has been going out on the streets in Charlton Kings, Up Hatherley, St Pauls, the Moors and the town centre over the last 13 months on a weekly basis, to meet young people where they are gathering and to build safe adult relationships with them and to offer signposting to local activities and support.  There is also a reactive team which has worked in Oakley, Springbank and Prestbury. 

We would like to hear from you about how the programme is going so far and what the main issues are for young people in your area.  Thank you for taking the time to feed back.

This survey can be completed anonymously, however if you choose to share your personal details for future contact we will store and use this information in line with the CBC Community Engagement Privacy Policy

What happens next

The results from this survey will be used in our review of the first year of the detached youth work programme (available on request) and to inform the programme in its second year and beyond.  Thank you!


  • All Saints
  • Battledown
  • Benhall and The Reddings
  • Charlton Kings
  • Charlton Park
  • College
  • Hesters Way
  • Lansdown
  • Leckhampton
  • Oakley
  • Park
  • Pittville
  • Prestbury
  • Springbank
  • St. Marks
  • St. Pauls
  • St. Peters
  • Swindon Village
  • Up Hatherley
  • Warden Hill


  • Anyone from any background