Leckhampton with Warden Hill Neighbourhood Plan

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Closes 15 Nov 2021


To achieve balanced development that provides additional high quality housing including a good measure of affordable housing and at the same time to conserve and enhance the landscape and amenity of the Leckhampton Fields and of the adjacent Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the outstanding and nationally significant view from  Leckhampton Hill to which the Leckhampton Fields make a significant contribution.

To conserve and enhance Warden Hill, Leckhampton and Cheltenham as an outstanding place to live and work and, in this context, to ensure that development is compatible with sustaining a viable traffic network in south Cheltenham and enabling people from areas south of Cheltenham to continue to commute into Cheltenham to work.

See page 34 of the draft Neighbourhood Plan for further details.

Following the expansion of the parish the vision is also to enhance the amenities, community and quality of life in the whole area of Leckhampton and Warden Hill - this will form part of any revision of this plan.

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