Leckhampton with Warden Hill Neighbourhood Plan

Closed 15 Nov 2021

Opened 1 Sep 2021


Thank you for your interest in the future of our area.
Your parish council has drafted a Neighbourhood Plan after years of earlier consultation and deliberation. If agreed it will be an important influence on future development here. It sets out our vision for the area and the policies we’d like to see followed by decision-makers, especially when it comes to planning applications.

Neighbourhood Plans can contain planning policies and proposals for improving the area, providing new facilities or allocating key sites for specific kinds of development. They can deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues from climate change to housing, from the transport links, cycle lanes and walking routes we’d like to see, to the design of buildings and protection of open space, including our newly designated Local Green Space on the Leckhampton Fields. And because a Neighbourhood Plan has legal status it carries real weight in decision-making.
At the end of the process, which we expect to be in 2022, you’ll be able to vote on the plan. There will be more consultation before then, but right now we want to hear from you.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a comprehensive planning reference for our area and consequently it is a long and complex document.  At each stage of this survey, you will find related page numbers and links which will take you straight to the right place in the document.
Thank you for taking part in this important consultation.
Thank you to those of you who have already completed our survey.  We welcome as many views as possible and we have extended the deadline to 15 November to give residents more opportunity to complete the consultation.
Paper copies
We would like to encourage you to complete this survey online as this will make our analysis of all the responses significantly easier and save a lot of paper.
If you wish to complete a paper copy, it can be printed out from the link at the bottom of the page,  Completed surveys should be posted to:
NP Consultation
Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Clerk
The Old Bell House
High Street
GL6 7AA 
You can write to the same address or phone the Clerk on 07739 719079 if you would like to see a paper copy of the full plan. If you would like to keep a full paper copy we may ask you to pay a small copying charge of £3 to cover our costs.


  • Leckhampton
  • Warden Hill


  • Anyone from any background