One off volunteer declaration - Constituted Groups

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Closes 31 Dec 2030

Volunteer Declaration - Constituted Group

To partake in today’s volunteering activity all group volunteer leaders must read and consent to the below information. By signing into, and partaking in the event, you are consenting to the below declaration:

Group Volunteer Declaration

I (the organisation co-ordinator) agree on behalf of my organisation that: 

  • Our activities in volunteering as an organisation on CBC property and / or at Council run events are covered by our own public liability insurance policy
  • Our organisation has an accurate and up to date safeguarding policy in place and has no reason to believe that any of our volunteers are barred from the volunteering activity in accordance with the provisions of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 or any subsequent amendment to that Act. 
  • Our organisation is responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of our volunteers
  • We understand that the activities our group undertake at today’s activity will be agreed beforehand with the CBC staff member, and that we are covered by our own public liability insurance.
  • Our organisation is responsible for ensuring that our members are aware that:
    • they are personally responsible for their own health, well-being and safety, and that they should only perform tasks that they are fit and able to undertake
    • as volunteers engaged in voluntary activities they have a general duty of care towards members of the public, fellow volunteers and Borough Council staff and our members will act with reasonable care and attention
    • they should act with reasonable care and attention should they be required to use tools and equipment that are supplied by CBC or supplied by our organisation
  • Unless we let CBC staff know otherwise our group consents to photos being taken of them during the day which may be used to promote CBC activities.
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