Climate changemakers application

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Closes 27 Mar 2023


Who do we encourage to apply?

  • Individuals who are active and connected in their communities. That could be in a geographical community (i.e. St Paul's), a school or scout group, a running group, or on your local street. It doesn't matter, what does matter is that you feel connected to those individuals who form your community networks. 
  • Applicants who live in Cheltenham. (If you live outside of Cheltenham and are keen to get involved do send the climate team an email though, as this is a pilot project and it may expand out into the county at a later date.
  • Applicants who can make all (or preferably the majority) of the session dates listed on the main page of the survey (at the bottom of the first page of this form under 'events')
  • Applicants from under represented communities

Who are we unable to accommodate?

  • Climate change experts. We value passion and desire for local change, more highly than knowledge on the subject of climate change itself. You might already know a lot, you might feel you know very little. It's not a requirement to be an expert to be a changemaker. This is a peer led learning journey where we can share and learn from each other.
  • Under 18's: We are really sorry, but you may only apply for this project if you are 18 or over.

If required, financial support (such as with childcare or travel) can be made available to help individuals attend sessions. 

1. Please tick this box to confirm you are 18 years old or over. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from those under 18.
2. Please confirm that you can make the proposed session dates (tick all those you can attend and use the box bellow for any comments) *The majority of the sessions will be town centre based, with the location for the full and half day away days to be confirmed*