The CheltenhamZero Agreement

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Closes 1 Jan 2030

The CheltenhamZero Agreement:

By joining CheltenhamZero you commit to tackling the climate emergency head on, doing your part within your organisations and working collaboratively to support the shift to net zero emissions as a town by the year 2030.

By filling out the form below you are:

  • formally joining the CheltenhamZero partnership and committing to reduce your climate impact.
  • accepting that both Cheltenham Borough Council and Vision 21 will use the data collected for the purposes of communicating with you about CheltenhamZero. You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing

NB: Once you’ve filled out the form you will receive an email from the CheltenhamZero team. This contains a link that you will need to click to confirm you’d like to register to receive further information. 


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