Naunton Park Consultation

Closed 11 Dec 2021

Opened 9 Nov 2021


What is happening at Naunton Park ?

Following discussions with the Friends of Naunton Park, local ward members and comments from park users, Cheltenham Borough Council are looking to carry out a series of enhancement works at Naunton Park including;

 • Installation of a new fully accessible, SELF-BINDING GRAVEL PATH (to match the section installed between the car park and play area) around the perimeter of the existing site with new and improved SEATING AREAS - this will create a continuous circular path around the park.

• Currently, the land at Naunton Park does not drain properly, thus a SHALLOW DEPRESSION (SWALE) in the northern corner of the site has been proposed to collect surface water. Generally this feature will be dry however, following periods of heavy rainfall it will collect water and discharge into the drainage system. The swale will be approx. 1m deep with gently sloping grass banks, that will have the added benefit of protecting neighbouring properties from any potential surface water run-off from the field.

• Creation of a GENTLE SLOPING MOUND to provide an informal play mound - the mound will use all excavated material from the construction works meaning no waste will leave site. 

WILDFLOWER PLANTING to attract pollinators - part of Cheltenham Borough Councils bee and butterfly incentive.

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